Saturday, June 14, 2008

the day i became a blog tutor

surprised or not ya... when my bff kay text me yesterday morning, asking me for a favor; to teach her of "how to start a blog" hmm... what a good start my dear... after just starting on with facebook-ing few weeks ago. unfortunately she's kinda slowing down now cuz she forgot her password duhh!!!

alright, back to the blog thingy... she has an assignment to do via blogging. as you could see from the list of my blogs (ref above screenshot), yours truly have been granted with an admin access by kay for me to help her do the editing and sort. during our meet at CB at kinta city (go here to view the location), i just helped her to start a blog. while we will do the rest i.e. edit the suitable lay-out/template, contents etc later on. now thanks to me, she has known all the this and that about blogging. believe it or not ya... she doesn't even know of how to leave comments or any shout outs before this... blerk!

so people why don't you have a look and browse thru the newly created blog
here. your great support and encouragement are mostly appreciated :)

btw i did advise her to start her own personal blog soon too. well in fact i have been persuading her to do it from eons ago. i also warned her that this kind of thingy can be addicted. we will see of how it goes...

here is "how to become a blogger" from kuE's point of view:
  1. read some interesting blogs
  2. make (non-spam) comments there, so the authors begin to know who you are
  3. start a blog, making posts commenting on some of the more interesting things that those other bloggers say
  4. respond to comments and links
  5. go to 1, repeat.

results may vary. if a rash develops, discontinue *glurp*