Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what are your dreams like?

last night i dreamed that we adopted a two and a half year old boy. in the dream, he was related to us and his parents died, so we brought him into our family.

although it was so sad that he had lost his parents, having this little boy join our family was wonderful. megat finally had the brother he has been begging for since he was like... err... two! the boy was the sweetest thing and, in my dream, i fell in love with him as instantly as i did with my own children the moment i found out their hearts were beating inside me.

i don’t know about you, but my dreams are so real and vivid that it often takes me time in the morning to sort out reality. and in cases when the dream really affects me emotionally, it can take me days or weeks to “get over” the dream.

sometimes, like with last night’s dream, i actually feel a sense of loss when i wake up. i adore my family and i am so content with my two children. but in my dream, i had another son - a brother for megat and a sweet new soul to adore.

what about you?

do you remember your dreams when you wake up? are your dreams ever so intense that you feel like you need time to “recover” from the experience?