Monday, June 09, 2008

meet ah teng & nya, and mrs wong...

good morning world... i have been wanted to blog about this for quite some time, but err... to start this off here it is now, something about people of kuale (labelled as 'people of kuale') --

i have just came back from our marketing with mother at a local market, then we headed to a grocery shop nearby our house. its owned and run by an old chinese couple mr & mrs goh, whose famously known as ah teng and nya. we have known our each other family from generations.

they have been running the business from many years ago. their first shop was located at jalan dato sagor, along the road to laksa pak ngah' shop. they moved to the new shop houses when their business rised and need bigger space. as you could see, even though their children are all became successful people-- teacher, bankers, vet., they still use sempua (see pic), a chinese calculator. when asked, ah teng told me that he still prefer sempua than any other modern gadgets no matter what.

next meet mrs wong, my former english teacher at RPK. we bumped into her at a chinese coffee shop near ah teng's shop.

mrs wong was so happy that i approached her to say hi. she is now whose already retired, staying at her house in talang garden. when i saw her, she was at her normal routine of chit-chatting with her friends at the coffee shop after doing her tai chi exercise. go here to find out more about tai chi.