Sunday, June 01, 2008

megat is 9 today!

how glad i am that megat's mini 9th birthday party is over! *phew* everyone had fun. i am more glad that megat is very happy although its just attended by very closed family members. you could see his happy faces (auww... kids!) from the pics--

like what i mentioned before, megat is currently into ben 10 sooo much! its not surprisingly indeed that most of megat's gift are of ben 10' stuff i.e. toys, figurine, tumbler, lunch box etc. so when lil' safiya saw that, she was like, "semuanya ben 10!". ya... you know... the truth is safiya hates ben 10... hah! she's into girlie stuff like hannah montana, totally spies, kim possible etc. then when my lil' sis passed the party bag to her (safiya), she told safiya, "sowey... its ben 10 again hehe...". kuE's note: i made the paper bags myself. while puteri did the ben 10 stickers herself. go here to view it. safiya just smiled.

other than megat, my lil' sis gave presents to megat's cousins too. its like xmas you know. thank you so much sis for making everyone happy too. ai... dapat bonus ke? hehe...

the best thing is megat only knew about this mini party today. we have been hiding about all the surprises all this while-- the gifts, the party bags, my sister' day trip, etc. its kinda fun you know! enough said, you could see it from the pics cuz "a picture is worth a thousand words", ya?