Monday, June 09, 2008

does 'duyung' really exist?

Duyung Movie 2008

hahhaaha... i bet everyone would be surprised if i said that lil' safiya came over yesterday with a vcd of 'DUYUNG'! support our local movies okay... hehe... we watched it around 4.30pm. its only run about 1.5 hours.

let me share with you people the plot of duyung the movie. i would say duyung is a light-hearted fantasy romantic comedy. the movie revolves around jimmy (apek in his element), a nature-loving man who lives in a fishing village and spends his time looking after the environment by clearing rubbish. he has always believed in the myth told by his mother that if the environment is looked after, a mermaid would appear. and yes, the beautiful mermaid did appear... if not there'll be no duyung... duh~~

overall the movie is average and very much predictable. apart from that, "Duyung" is actually a good watch for those who need something to do to fill their time. the message that it delivers (preserve the environment) is a good reminder to us all. hmm... i wonder if there's any man like jimmy out there??