Monday, June 23, 2008

the coconut seller

when aunt janagi saw me taking pics of her this morning, she quickly asked, "why ler kuE... are you going abroad ar?"

"hehe... no lar aunt. i wanna write about people of kuale, that's why", i told her.

"oh that's good of you to write a book", she said.

owh... i was like *glurp* i just do not wanna tell them that i love to write in my blog.

aunt janagi has been selling coconuts at the local market for more than 30 years. her children used to help her at the stall. but now after they all have grown up and lead their own life, she's keep selling coconuts with the husband and an indonesian helper.

normally there would be a long queue at her stall during festive seasons like chinese new year, hari raya or deepavali etc. especially on the eve of festive holidays. she will then can only go back until late afternoon.

aunt janagi is a very nice lady. she will say hi to me first whenever i bumped in to her :) go here to meet more people of kuale.