Tuesday, April 11, 2006


i received my first sapina (left pic) yesterday morning. a representative from a local magistrate court here hand-delivered both my dad's and mine. we have to attend the hearing of our case on this thursday, 13 april 2006 at 8.30am. the first time i attended to a court was like 6.5 years ago when i went to settle my divorce case.

for this time around, it all started when my dad and me faced with a very bad incident- robbery on
25 july 2005. see, i could still remember the exact date correctly. but i am sorry people, i still do not have the guts to tell you all about the whole story. if i do, i guess it will be flooded here with my tears.

at first i guess things won't be this bad because the police have managed to catch the culprits. anyhow since they (the culprits) have denied it, thats why things would be carried-on for hearing. while my dad and me are the most important witness' for this case grr... wish me luck for this thursday people!

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