Monday, April 03, 2006

go randall go randall go!

i know this must be too late for some but who cares man, i have just watched it on tv here :P

all i have to say is would you all dog rebecca if she had done the same thing to randall? probably not. everyone is saying "it is so unfair" "he should share his win" WHATEVER! he won fair and square and donald should be ashamed of himself for putting randall on the spot like that. if he wanted rebecca to win he should have HIRED her and not RANDALL! or if he wanted to offer her a lower position, do it off camera and not make randall look like the bad guy. who wants to share their winnings with someone else. and for that matter someone who is not even in the same league. in the words of randall- "i run businesses while you only write about them!"