Friday, April 28, 2006

a' chaa...

i was out the whole day in ipoh yesterday with my mother. we were looking for some stuff for lil' bro's engagement day in june i.e. fabs., sequins (i chose gold colour butterfly cuz' they look gorgeous auww... lol), etc. i'm sure lil' bro will be surprised seeing butterfly on his hantaran too hehe... my mom gonna sew the lapik semerit herself. maybe i'll help her a bit here and there ;)

azah called when we were in ipoh parade. "must be something", i thought to myself. hahahaa... yea... it IS something.

azah: *tut*, you kat mana tu.

me: i'm in ipoh.

azah: alone?

me: no. i'm with my mom. you know, my lil' bro's engagement is around the corner- in june. so both of us are here looking for some stuff for that lor.

azah: o ok. its about the dinner next week.

yes, there will be a staff' award night on next wednesday in penang.

me: yea...

azah: we have to present something. and as usual our group have to do lor... you, me, shaidi, nizam and nana to name a few. plus a few others lar.

what? we have to perform? i'm sure our staff will be laughing at us like mad lol.

me: what we have to do.

azah: we gonna do some bollywood thing.

both of us giggles.

azah: so okay lor. we gonna meet at nana's place on monday at 10am for practise. see you there!

me: a' chaa...

mwahahaaa... bollywood huh?!! who gonna be
aishwarya rai, shahrukh khan, preity zinta or saif ali khan. now what should i wear for that nite. i have just bought a damn cute butterfly blouse that made of sequins. maybe i'll wear the punjabi suit just for the show. and guess what people. last night i dreamt that i borrowed a punjabi suit from our neighbour! all set with the glass bangles, that gundu thing, some accessories etc. hahahaa... i can't really imagine how is this gonna be like. we'll see...

o yea... i saw a card with green envelope on my desk. i was not in the whole day yesterday, remember. i unsealed it. tadaa... its my first birthday card! and its from people of the ipoh sales office (ISO)! i.e. my area managers. thank you guys ;)