Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a mother's hope

i was down-loading pics from my fon, taken earlier at megat's school. at the same time i was browsing-through my friend's blog when suddenly a latest post by qatar cat sadden me.

yea just imagine... i just came back from megat's school, brought what ever he wished for his recess time- yesterday i fried nuggets and today he wanted the sausage bun from a local bakery. then before i left we kissed each other. while on the other side of the world huhu... what when wrong?

btw here are some pics that i snapped at megat's school. i can't resist my eyes looking at those kids. they are so damn cute aren't they. with the name of Allah the almighty we just hope that these kids won't be the one like those mentioned by QC ;)

i can't read that hehe...

so cute ler ;)

megat completing his mathematics in mandarin