Friday, January 06, 2006

call or not to call ;)

asp nazri* came to see me at my office this morning. 'terkezut' i... ya lor... i was concentrating giler, typing my worksheet, suddenly i saw two policemen with uniforms (my office is with glass-wall, remember?) came in. one of them talked something with my cashier. he then knocked on my office door and opened it.

"boleh saya masuk, kacau awak sekejap", asp nazri* asked me. woik... you asked that after you came in?!! i juz hangguk-hangguk.

"its about
the case. you and your dad are required to attend for the proceedings at the court on raya kedua", asp nazri* told me with a mix of english and malay. normal lor...

"here? ", i asked him.

"no. taiping. i'll get back to you to reconfirm and let you know the time".


"so, apa-apa nanti saya contact awak".


dunno whether they managed to catch the culprits. i was shocked mannn... seeing asp nazri until i totally forgot to ask about it. i know i didn't post anything about
THE case. it was really an unforgettable incident. i could even remember the date within a blink- 25.07.2005. i dun have the guts to write about it yet. maybe i'll do it when i feel that its time to do so! whatever it is, i WILL do it someday. i owe this type of story to sheryl anyway. i just hope for one thing at the court there next week- NO press plzzzzzzzzz... the case was published in almost every papers for northern region including nanyang siang pau and china press. while for nations maybe like harian metro. i knew this because rizal called from jb to inform me about it. heyyy.... of course i won't place a link to it here rite ;)

"apsal kak... ", my staff asked as soon as asp nazri and another policeman walked out.

i told them roughly of what it was about. they were not keypochi but they are concerned a lot about me.

"ishh... saje nye tu kak... macam lar dia tak de nombor fon kak... benda boleh call je...", my cashier told me.

"hehe... itu ada niat lain tu...", my other staff continued.

its true. as though like asp nazri* dun have my fon number i.e. home, office and my cell-fon lol...

kuE's note: i sms some of my closed family, relatives and friends about the above. correction to that policeman's name- its supposed to be asp nazri and not koperal nazri as i sms earlier ;)