Wednesday, January 04, 2006


about 10 mins ago, i was relaxing my eyes while browsing thru the net- blog-hopping. suddenly i realised a man walked in, then opened my office door *glurp*. he was my area manager grr... as usual my eyes became round and big once i saw something obvious lol. he just did that sengih thing. probably because he saw me in normal clothes too. i'm wearing black pants and white blouse i.e. smart working clothes :)

"what are you doing", he asked.

hmm... luckily packets of syiling were on my desk, "counting coins... juz helping my cashier while waiting for the time to fetch my son. he's in standard one". chewah... nak tukar topic plak lol ;)

"o ok. my daughter plak baru start her kindergarten".

wa lau ley... that was the first time he surprised me like that!!! he was wearing a normal working clothes only. next time you do it again occay hahahhahaha...

we walked out while talked a bit about work. most importantly about his plan to upgrade my place. not the online system i mean cuz we already had the ISIS system just like any other high volume places i.e. we are also one of the places that using the most canggih system. upgrading here meaning that the company would like to convert my place to a bigger one!

"this is like one of my biggest plan/project this year, that to complete this by 2-0-0-6", he said while his eyes eyeing all over although he was standing at one point.

he continued, "so how. you ready to venture into this new place soon".

"ehemm... yea...", i replied while nodded and smile at the same time ;)

well it seems that my area manager is on a working visit to bagan serai and selama. he got nothing to do at my place, just dropped-by to say hi hehe...