Thursday, July 09, 2009

Q&A: got twitter secret?

i have been asked of how on earth i got quite a number of followers on twitter, and whether i knew all of them.

eventually i am so glad to say that i of course knew almost all of my followers, vise versa. to tell you the truth, i didn't know much tweeples (twitters) when i first got started. so i thought that maybe i should be creative on my tweets (see examples below).

twitter updates

from then on, twitters who found my tweets interesting, followed me. i make it a point to know and follow them back. more interesting enough is that we became friends! see... how kewl is that.

and like i mentioned earlier in my tweets, i have just joined sponsored tweets by an invitation. i guess must be someone from the company 'saw' me! if everything goes well, i will get paid on my sponsored tweets... amin. is a revolutionary new twitter advertising platform from izea, the world leaders in sponsored conversations. i know that this ain't sounds good for those busy people. but tell me... if we don't think out of the box, we won't go anywhere right. in other words, work hard for your success!!!

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