Thursday, June 04, 2009

project 365: 3rd week—

project 365 — 3rd week

day 15 — the day was almost over, luckily i remembered that i haven’t snap any pics of the day yet :( so i turned right instead after i fetched megat from his taekwondo class. i knew it that for sure kids going to ask of where we were going. so this pic was taken in front of big school. i tried using ’night mode’ on my digicam, then a car passed by when i clicked the camera’s shutter but anyhow i love this pic.

day 16 — mama wanted to get something for megat at a local bakery, when i saw one of the female workers was cutting some white breads using the bread cutter machine.

day 17 — puteri and i just came out from kat kopitiam that night. we were doing some projects for megat’s birthday. we spotted this new sign near the new MPKK building that has been launched by the sultan on the same night i attended a line dance party (check-out day 10 of this project 365) — “dataran putra“… gosh! what on earth kualé got to do with this name? lol…

day 18 — as usual we met the orchid seller on our sunday market trip. he introduced us to this flower-in-a-flower type of flower called pansy fanny(?). i guess that was my first time seeing it. its beautiful and got a very nice smell!

day 19 — i took quite a number of pics on this day because it was megat’s 10th birthday! so i guess i ought to choose one of the best pics i like, and i chose this one as like i mentioned many times before, i lurveeeee seeing candid pics!

day 20 — i have just came back from fetching megat in school, when mama told us that a bird died after it bumped into the glass sliding door at the living room or better known as the green room. pity the bird… he must not known that it was glass, that he wanted to fly through it. well to tell you the truth eventually this happened to humans too actually on quite a number of occasions *glurp*

day 21 — this pic has been taken by puteri towards the end of the day. so as you could see, that means i almost forgot to take a pic of the day for this project. so as the results, i thought this pic would make do to comply with my busy-ness these days hehee… get more info about this here! pic showed me, who was sewing some fabric flowers on a fabric. this technique is called appliquè.