Thursday, May 28, 2009

project 365: 2nd week—

project 365 — 2nd week

day 8 — you can basically get online from anytime and anywhere these days. here we were at a local KFC while waiting for megat at one of his taekwondo classes held twice a week.

day 9 — megat looked happy on a friday morning, getting ready to go to school. his po-po would give them RM1 each on this days.

day 10 — like i mentioned earlier, i was in school for our OGA’s AGM during the day. so i chose this picture as the picture of the day (pic taken by the event‘s emcee) — i joined my line dance group for a “mother’s day dance party”. it was indeed my first time joining such event. i could say that it was well organized. we really enjoyed ourselves at the party. ms tung and i went back at around 11.30pm, but i heard that the party finished past midnight.

day 11 — here’s part of my line dance group (taken by megat). we joined an aerobic exercises organized by MPKK this morning, lead by fana’ aerobics. it was eventually screened live on tv1’s selamat pagi malaysia programmed around 7.40 am. i wonder whether any of you people saw me weee… :) FYI the whole SPM programmed has been telecast live in kuale— wonder whether its all because of the propaganda in the state recently, eee… malu nye… :(

day 12 — fruits from our very own homeland— papaya and quinine; both fell on the same day. other fruits that we have here are rambutans and avocados J

day 13 — budak koleq should know of where was this place. ya… its yut loy! i had lunch there with mama. kak roza, wan chor and auntie tut were still in ipoh so we ordered first as were already hungry like hell hehee… check-out the stairs people. i could say that its so unique as it has a wooden stairs gate up the stairs. can you see? you can’t find this features in modern homes.

day 14 — this was the view of my former secondary school from my car seat. wednesday supposed to be a co-curriculum day but since it’s the exam week, puteri went back early at 2pm instead because she do not have to attend the activities. i went straight to puteri’s school after send megat’s pack lunch.