Wednesday, May 20, 2009

project 365: 1st week—

project 365 — 1st week

day 1 — i thought to myself, what a good way for me to start this project 365 of mine with a picture of our home. this is part of a corner of our ‘green room’ which is quite synonym for our family's photography session especially during hari raya.

day 2 — i have just came back from town when i snapped this pic. i was on the look out for orange colour thread and satin ribbon. here’s what happened: we had an invitation from a young uncle for his new born son’s “kenduri marhaban” on 16th may 2009. mama asked of what we going to bring for baby ibby. since i had some 100% cotton cartoon print with matching plain orange fabrics, that i simply bought at the sunday market the week before (without knowing of what was it for); i had the idea to sew a simple tote bag filled with baby toiletries. i am so glad that they like our handmade gift.

day 3 — picture taken by megat, shown me with auntie zarina and baby ibby; at the kenduri marhaban held at a grand auntie‘s place in bukit chandan. normally functions like this are the chance for us relatives and friends to meet up out of our normal daily routine. i like...

day 4 — i was waiting for puteri to buy bread at a mini market when i saw this new banner hanged by a local café, the gate café at the back view of their café in jalan kangsar. they have been accused of serving non-halal food. i am sure they took drastic action this way to prove to kualé people that they actually served halal food. i myself was surprised at first when i heard about this as i knew that they employed malay cooks i.e. malay makcik and some malay guys.

day 5 — i as one of the committee members of my former secondary school’s PTA has been invited for the school’s teacher’s day celebration. this scene really reminds me of my school days huhu... i used to stand/sit there for five years of my secondary school’s life. we had our daily morning assembly there way from mama’s time, and now… its puteri‘s turn. can you spot her? it was so nostalgic i tell you. we could also see the wonderful panoramic view of the sungai perak from there.

day 6 — this view was from the back of aked mara building here in kuala kangsar. along this road as well, was the back part of the shop houses located along jalan kangsar in town. far end is megat’s school. i have just brought megat to see my uncle at his clinic when i snapped this pic. megat was coughing and has minor fever. he was so happy when my uncle gave him two days medical leaves :)

day 7 — i had just arrived from my former high school when i remembered that i haven’t take any pics of the day yet. so as you could see, that’s my stuff that i normally brought for any school’s PTA’ committee meeting and such: starbucks coffee 2009' diary and its meeting minutes papers. guess what people, i will be going to my school again this saturday for our OGA's AGM 2009!

it was a great week for this project even though its only the first week. can't wait to see the full results :)