Thursday, May 14, 2009

project 365

14.05.2009 — my project 365 begins!

project 365


what is a project 365? in this case it involves me taking (at least) a picture a day for the next year and posting it to my blog. anyhow i thought of updating them in a collage form with show-and-tell style, once a week insya Allah. find out more details on the project here.


i am doing this for a couple reasons. it seems like an interesting way to chronicle a year. what when i decided to start doing it today, a day after my 37th birthday :) so that means by the time i celebrate my next birthday, i will be recording not just the extraordinary events, but day to day things that might slip through the cracks, the haircuts, the scrapes, the little victories... also, i hope to get better at taking pictures. if you do something every day for a year it stands to reason that you will get better at it.


i will be taking pictures with my oly. i will then upload the results to flickr and will post the picture selected to represent that day here mixed in with the rest of my posts. if you want to see them all look for the project 365 label in the category listing.

i really hope you will enjoy the results. i am sure that there will be days that the pictures are painfully ordinary, but keep an eye out for the diamonds in the rough.

if you are taking part in project 365 i’d love to hear about it — and see how you are doing. leave a comment here or on any of my posts. i will check out your project for sure.