Sunday, February 05, 2006


kuE: *not talking*
V: hi
V: whats up?

kuE: hie
kuE: u lar. how's life. me as usual lor...
V: same here
V: not well past few days

kuE: nak kena kiss ni baru ok kot lol...
V: *big grin*
kuE: tak betul?
V: ok la tu
kuE: hahahaaahaha....
V: so whats new?
kuE: nothing. juz some changes in work.
kuE: i.e. wef feb, all orders wl b done thru asr. according to my friends, other words for this is "top-up" system. hv 2 work harder to ensure enuf funds
kuE: i guess yours yg kat mana, sg buloh (is this rite) already started months ago including those in southern of perak.
V: yup
V: but i thnking of selling out to my partner

kuE: oh...
V has signed out. (2/5/2006 7:00 PM)

V: tired la
kuE: lama tak massage kot *glurp*
V: let him settle everything
V: *blushing*
V: kena tunggu demam habis dulu la

kuE: macam tak tau i lurveee to tease u lol
V: *smile*
kuE: u wanna know something
V: at home ke now?
kuE: yup
kuE: wanna know something tak

silence... i wanted to tell him about the 'black magic' moment thing. he dunno about it yet. never mind lor... maybe next time :P