Sunday, February 19, 2006

nana's engagement day

i went to my friend nana's engagement ceremony last night in ipoh, with my daughter puteri. then i thought to myself that i should place some pics here to give you people an idea of how a malay engagement ceremonies like especially for Qatar Cat and Matt. i do not want to say much. as usual like the proverbs said- "a picture speaks a thousand words" ;)

pic #1- this was a basket of cream-puff that i brought for nana. according to my grand-ma, its always good for us to bring sweet kueh or cakes if we attend any engagement ceremonies.

pic #2- the days prior to the official reception ~ ‘bersanding’, is a complicated yet immensely graceful display of human bonding. beginning with ‘merisik’ and ‘bertunang’ (engaged), the ties between both families are firmly planted. parents of the soon-to-wed couple would meet and discuss various matters on the wedding and determine the right date. gifts, knowns as ‘hantaran’ are exchanged ~ these gifts usually include a ring, perfume, fruits and other sweet offerings, signifying blissful years ahead. here in nana's case, i counted that nana's side prepared a total of '21 hantaran' ;)

pic #3- this was one of the hantaran on the bride's side. can you guess what was it?

pic #4- here's a pic of nana, waiting patiently on the dais.

kuE's note: i am so excited. i will post more pics if i attend any more engagement/wedding ceremonies through-out the year. that includes my lil' bro's engagement and wedding on this june and december respectively :)