Wednesday, February 08, 2006

wake-up my dear :)

i was so terrible this morning. i really thought that its tuesday huhu...

"cepat adik. today you have an essembly in school, if not you will be late", i told megat hehe... btw chinese school' weekly essembly on a tuesday meh?

we went out of the house before 7.20. as usual i sent puteri first then megat. as usual also megat salam and kiss my hand, then both of us kiss each other. i waited for a while to see megat walked into the school. he was half-way there. suddenly i saw his classmate came with his mom on a motorcycle. i clearly saw that he wore a school t-shirt. then i thought, "oikk... why the boy wore the school t-shirt today?". my mind was boggling. "oh my god... its wednesday lar stupid". megat has p.e. classes on wednesday!!!

well megat already more than half-way there. then i thought to myself again, its not that i cannot take his t-shirt and give it to him because our house is so near. i just wanna megat to be independent. let him do his own decision. i'm sure he will make so much noise when he comes back ;)

kuE's note: the main reason i thought so was that megat just started school yesterday only, after a long chinese new year break. other schools started theirs on last thursday.