Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the HOT one

i was sms-ing with V whose in ipoh right now. he will be going to alor setar tomorrow for work. we were discussing about something not good that i heard. he was persuading me to tell him the truth. suddenly i was shocked when he called, after i last replied his sms. he was driving and sms-ing! he was looking for a parking at jusco when he called; can't wait to talk to me. this happened about 10mins ago. he has an appointment with a dato' there who supposed to meet him in kl but can only make it in ipoh instead.

so we talked for a while, to discuss more on the hot gossips around. the worst part was about a story saying that he's been sued for RM90 million if i'm not mistaken *phew*

both of us were laughing like hell. so V told me about the real thing happened during the last chinese new year holidays. he was so tickled about those gossips.

"oii... gelak plak dia yea...", i told him.

"ye lar... suka i dengan cerita-cerita macam nie", he answered. he still laughing, while i just smiled. "anyhow, sape yang cite kat you nie. was it staff... *tut* ".

"oikk... why on earth you thought that i know your employee".

"tak de lar, lagipun who else kan. alar cakap lar. bukannya i nak hantam dia. i juz wanna know was it our perak office staff ke or kl staff ke".

"i guess not now lor...".

"hmm... whatever lar. i know you. ok lor... i'm gonna meet this dato'. i'll call you later okay", he continued