Saturday, February 18, 2006

the gossips

most of my house chores done. so i was juz browsing thru most of the blogs on my list for an update. at the same time, i simply thought of sending an off-line "hi" for V. then i keep on browsing. suddenly...

V: whey
kuE: oikk lol
kuE: terkezut i lol
V: apasal
kuE: ye lar. i thought saje2 wanna send off-line msg 2 u, but suddenly u pun appeared lol
V: tengah uploading pic... nak tengok?

kuE: what pic
kuE: ok
V: dah?
kuE: ha ah
kuE: nice
V: ok la
V: ride masa chinese new yr
V: d day yg
u cerita i gi bkt merah to pujuk my wife pasal gaduh
kuE: so got nothing to do wz me rite. jahat ppl kan. so damn big mouth. mulut tempayan pun kalah.
V: biasa la.. cari cerita glamour
kuE: hmm... aritu pun u tak singgah kan
V: tak sempat la... plus it was raining most of d way... tak larat
kuE: i was telling abt the recent one lor
V: oooo
kuE: :)
V: at home ke?
kuE: yup
kuE: why
V: tanya je
kuE: u?
V: tak.. at friends place
kuE: oik
kuE: i thought u dok relaxing at home
V: tak la.. things a bit heated at home
V: malas duduk kat trumah

kuE: not gaduh rite ;)
kuE: jangan marah k, u know i like to tease u a lot lol
V: not really gaduh la... but when people like to butt into our life with all sorts of lies... things can go a little bit crazy
kuE: m sorry
V: tak pe la
V: used to it already

kuE: hmm no wonder lar that day when i told u, u gelak sakan je huh?!!
V: a'ah
V: but that was a new 1... tu yg i was curious sikit
kuE: why, got so many old gossips meh? tak cite pun.
V: msti la... but not worth repeating. I know i m no angel but some of them are quite overboard also
V: ;)
kuE: susah lar, jd one of those ppl kan i bet.
V: what to do.. bukankita boleh control mulut org
kuE: i mean u r one of THOSE ppl ;)
V: what do u mean... ?
kuE: ya lor, one of those well-known one *not talking*
V: ala... mana ada
kuE: ye ke
V: i dont think so
kuE: ye lar, i know but saje usik u. its not that i juz know u yesterday meh? lol
V: ok la
kuE: btw abt this morning sms'. we know that we cld depend on u too, other than my friend kay. ok kan.
V: ok.. of course
kuE: thats what friends r for. tu yg sayang tu *mwah*
V: :D
kuE: nice teeth, what type u used lol
V: pakai kapor je
V: *rotfl*

kuE: *lol*
kuE: wheyy... is it alrite u lepak sana lama2
V: abt to go sat lg
V: no water here cos ada some pipeworks down d road
V: so kena cari lunch outside
kuE: alright np. apa2 as usual contact ler...
V: wokey
V: anyway... good to chat to u again.. take care ya
kuE: ok. u take care too.
V: byez
kuE: *mwahh*

kuE's note: i'm going to ipoh tonight for a friend's (a dato's daughter you) engagement. wonder what i'm going to wear grr...