Monday, March 31, 2008

i ain't a teacher

i was in red baju kurung this morning for a function in school, with pearl necklace, white handbag and matching white shoes. some of the school children (especially those in year one) who doesn't know me yet thought that i am a teacher!

"assalamualaikum cikgu. cikgu cantik...", greeted them, when i walked by ;)

oik... ada ka? lol... so do i look like one anyway people hehe...

well, luckily both puteri and megat backed early today. i had another shower after we reached home around 2pm. this time i wore pink baju kurung. i know its seldom teachers in school saw me in that type of attire. like this morning, when i salam with one of them, she told me, "you look so cute...". cute ke? hehe... i normally wear my jacket suit or something ;) i had all those during my office life in kl many years back. so rather than i keep them in my wardrobe, its better for me to wear them for any special and suitable occasions right.

alright. about the PTA AGM at puteri's school, all the members agreed to appoint me as one of the committee members. and now that i am holding two different positions in two different schools, i am sure that i am gonna be a bit busy for the financial year 2008/09.

basically, planning and promoting PTA programmes and events is one of the most important responsibilities in a PTA. the PTA works to support the school's educational goals, to provide a safe and healthy learning environment, to enrich the learning experience, and to enhance the mutual understanding among the parents, and teachers. for the past years, both of the school's PTA have been playing a very important role in supporting education, operation, and administration, as well as safeguarding students and organizing community events.

with that rather good explanation, i dunno of why there are still some parents who do not have the initiative to attend PTA AGM. its only done once a year! so what's up with that. that's a very good time for parents and teachers to discuss things together. some even pull out when their name been selected for one of the nominees for the committee member, yet not even voted that time. don't they realize that we are doing this for our generations. we want them to succeed. so what's with me whose still the PTA vice president of my former primary school right? puteri do not study there no more. i do not even have kids there also. one thing that's always wandering around my mind-- i studied there before, and that i love my school so much. i want to help the teachers to make our school proud and succeed in whatever we do. i had received feedbacks that those are not monetize job (?). excuse me... i have given my reasons above, and that's about it. i do not need money to help the community. i look for my side income elsewhere, i.e. ventured into paid post for this blog and my baking blog too ;)

so what say you people?