Saturday, December 24, 2005

it's christmas eve!!!

nothing special here. its just like the usual normal long weekend holiday i guess. here, if a public holiday falls on a sunday so the country gets to have an extra holiday i.e. monday. same goes to this christmas holiday. wow weee... arrghhh... but i have to be on stand-by here though... my supervisor will be going for his four days leave from tomorrow.

i said that it's normal because the environment is totally different from my kl life before. majority people here do not celebrate christmas. so that's why i feel that this holiday is just like any other long weekend holiday ;)

i used to join the company's christmas party in both two of my work places before. it was rather fun enough to gather with everyone including the bosses. other than the vast variety of food and drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol), we also exchange gifts with each other. talking about gifts, company's christmas party is different. we do not buy gifts for everyone (die lar if i have to lol...). days before the party a person-in-charge will write all the staff name in a piece of paper each and place them in a container. each of us then need to pick a name. so we just have to buy gift for that particular name only. kinda' kewl huh?!!...

i remember once when i was working in the hotel in sj. i picked vasanthi's name. i took few days for me to think of what am gonna get her. i was in secion 14, pj fews days before the front office' christmas party. i thought that its better for me to buy the present too. i dropped at cold storage mall. after few hours of good searching, i saw a tall glass vase with about two inches of pewter embosed with flowery motif at the bottom. bought that, even asked the sales girl to wrap it for me. simple as that. during the party, my supervisor (then) sharmini saw my gift for vasanthi. this lady was really one of the best buddy i have at work. "wahhh... what you bought for her? must be a whitening cream.", sharmini asked me. kah kah kah... everyone laughed out loud. sharmini also was the most kelakar one. in fact she is still now.

sometimes it's best to remember the good old days huh. anyhow i would like to take this chance to wish everyone...

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S & H A P P Y N E W Y E A R