Wednesday, December 14, 2005

being happy

#1 ~ i was still at home at +/- 9.45am, with megat, getting ready after his shower. sales office called asking for so many infos about our competitors i.e. total number of them, their distance between us, their monthly sales etc. oikk... how do i figure out the last one meh... well it seems that hq need all those info for them to upgrade our place. hearing that, i was so damn happy, smiling all the way today. good news indeed... ;)

#2 ~ i've been trying to log-in to my account on maxis website for days but failed. aiyaa... the problem was just because i forgot the pin number. i was so lazy to call the customer service. so i decided to keep on trying. suddenly this morning i received a sms from maxis, giving me the pin number i wanted. wa lau ley... so i immediately log-in, and change my 'bill delivery options' via email instead of snail mail. actually i got this note from maxis; to change my bill delivery options from long time ago already. but then now only i realised that i could save RM60 per year through this latest service hehe...

#3 ~ insya-Allah i'm going to kl on friday afternoon. cousins have been urging me to celebrate puteri's birthday there. hmm... dunno whats the plan yet.

#4 ~ since i'm going to kl this friday, insya-Allah i'll be meeting with another new friend who is a blogger too! like what leilanie said to me last time, this is just gonna be like my blind-date huh?!! can't wait for the time to meet her anyway... well leilanie, if you are free and wanna join us too, let me know occay. if not, there's always a next time ;)
kuE's note: click here to read about my blind-date with leilanie and here for her version.


#5 ~ meeting another blogger (again? hehe...) this year-end. woo hooo... can't really wait for this one also :D