Sunday, December 25, 2005

christmas day

what i could tell everyone is that i'm lonely today, being all alone. dad and mom went to kl this morning. they have an appointment to meet shafinaz's (my brother's gf) parents for tea, to discuss about the marriage. both kids followed them. they also will be there until wednesday with my mom.

well like what i typed yesterday, christmas here and in kl are totally different. if i'm in kl by now, i'm sure i'll be joining all my friends for christmas party everywhere.

its quite a tough day anyway. i have to be on stand-by no matter what since the cashier' pos system hang the other day. it effected mine at the back office too. gosh... we are one of those who use the most canggih system. yet if the thing not function properly, everything gone. terrible.

hmmm... what else. as usual once i'm alone i would normally by take-out food. no own cook nothing lol. i just tapau-ed chinese fried rice and mee hailam from the ah lok' coffee shop or yut loy (budak koleq should know this place). they have the best pau ever. most people said that tanjung malim has the best one but i doubt saying that its not true. ok... i ate my food so late around 5pm. yeah... i finished it both all! this would keep my stomach until night ~ i didn't eat anything for dinner mannn... i've already damn full by then ;)

as usual also, i lepax at home lazily infront of the tv, changing channels dunno what to watch lol. maybe the one on tv3 at noon was nice - jaclyn victor in shanghai, asia music festival. i watched that until tears dropped from my eyes. tears of joy maybe. besides that i spend times by reading all the weekend papers excluding the tamil and chinese one of course hehe... there were few articles that catched my interest especially those in sunday mail where zainal alam kadir wrote about tsunami tragedy that happened exactly a year ago. not long after the tragedy he went or a holiday to bali. it seems that indonesia created one tv channel specially for the tragedy i.e. you could find anything related to the tsunami tragedy there. they even have a theme song for tsunami. other article that is in my sunday 'must read' list is "i say... by rina omar". hah... guess what. V knows rina. but i'm not sure about me as i can't recall much. this time she wrote about her christmas wish list which is damn logical for the nation, youth especially to be aware of. what else? hmm... o yea... i also won't miss to read dcck in pancaindera, utusan malaysia. thats just for me to read some other people's experiences in life ;)