Monday, April 06, 2009

showing off(?)...

look at this new car shades from maxis broadband people—

car shades, from maxis broadband

cute huh?!!... we got that as one of our door gifts, at nuffnang music bash 2009. i snapped this pic when i was waiting for mama, who went to a local mini market to buy some groceries this morning. and what a co-incidence i parked the car right in front of the mini maxis centre.

so ya... its "show off" time! i bet that you can't get this item here. for an example, when people saw the 'wild live' maxis usb modem keychain that i got last year, they were like: "eh where did you get that cute keychain?" haa... only special people can get those special thingy! hehee... fyi i have been using it still to keep my house keys.

while for the car shades, of course the most important thing it is very useful to protect us from the sun lights; besides for showing it off instead *glurp*

thanks to maxis broadband!