Saturday, April 04, 2009

the day i am blogging live from maison...

haluuu to all my fans!!!...

how are you all doing? this is
halle berry here blogging live from maison for nuffnang music bash 2009 hah! i know i know... everyone knows that i am not a musician *glurp* so maybe i am just here as a guest of the parrr-tayyyyy!!! weee~

i am so sorry that i can't show you all the pics of me at the moment, so later ha? i just dun have the time to upload the pics yet. well to tell you the truth the thing is i dunno of what to blog right now actually, as there are so many thingy to enjoy here at this great party. and the best thing is i dun wanna miss them all!

till then...


lots of lurve,

a.k.a. halle berry :D