Sunday, April 05, 2009

this is my 888th blog post'...


yes people! this is my 888th blog post'. please do not get me wrong, as this is all really happened by co-incidence only. what when i wrote this last night, i can assured you that i didn't realize it at all that this gonna happened hah! i guess that i was too busy to think of other thingy that time hehee...

so for my 888th post, i wanna share a miracle that occurred today!

it was 8+ pm when we have just reached home. i signed on to my sitemeter to check on my blog' statistics. then i was like: holy crap! i really can't believe my eyes when i found that my blog had the tremendous number of visits of all today—

111 visits

and without putting on the thinking cap, i could just guess that these were all because of the live blog post i did from maison!

on the other hand the blog post also was listed in innit's #2 popular posts for the first time ever weee~

43 innits

i really dunno of what to say, just thank you so much to all especially the nuffnangers who nang! me. ♥U! and guess what people. the numbers are still increasing by the time i am typing this post. but since i am actually too tired already now to blog more for today to cover yesterday's event that i attended, here's something that you can peek through for the time being...

i hoped that you enjoyed the above video. so make sure to watch this space soon for more updates!

till then... nite-nite to all! i need my rest now, so that everything would be fine for a better tomorrow :)