Thursday, April 09, 2009

quake: grandmother 'crocheted' during 30-hour wait

(ANSA) — L`Aquila, April 7 — A 98-year-old grandmother rescued 30 hours after Monday`s earthquake in Abruzzo said she had whiled away the time "crocheting" amid the rubble. Firemen on Tuesday morning found Maria D`Antuoni waiting in her bed surrounded by fallen plaster in the small village of Tempera. D`Antuoni ate some crackers and told television crews "at least let me comb my hair" as they waited for an interview.

"What did I do all this time? I was working, I was crocheting", she said.

news excerpts from here.

kuE' note:
as the matter of fact, as long as you know that the time is gold... this actually makes a lot of sense. because gold is rare, if you have a piece of it you should treasure it. time is gold because every second time is passing and you can't go back to change it so you must treasure every second of life.