Friday, April 10, 2009

butterfly catcher(?)...

do you know what is this thingy people—

inverted ponytail

well for those who dunno, its actually a hair styling device. eventually we used that to create an inverted ponytail (or also known as an inside-out ponytail).

follow these three easy steps:
  1. gather the hair into a low ponytail
    smoothing hair, gather it all back into a low ponytail near nape of neck. fix with hair band, tying more loosely than you would with a standard ponytail. tip: use a band that matches your hair color.

  2. create a hole above the band
    using the hairstyling device, insert it in the hair just above the hair band. twist the hair in the loop to make it easier to thread through in the next step.

  3. thread hair through the hole
    thread the twisted ponytail through the hole at the front, pulling it out the bottom with the hairstyling device. slide up the hair band to tighten for a strong hold.

inverted ponytail

guess what people... i wanted to create this hairstyle for puteri this morning. when megat saw me putting the hairstyling device in puteri's ponytail, then he asked me, "mummy, why are you putting that butterfly catcher thing in chor's hair?"

"butterfly catcher?!!", i asked him back.

"yaaa...", megat replied in his serious tone.

puteri and i looked at each other and laughed like hell. well sorry darling... so i explained to him of what that thingy is actually meant for.

"o ok!" hehee...

kuE' note:
look for more jokes with megat here 8)