Thursday, April 02, 2009

the day i think i can't be as beyoncé...

these days really make me think a lot. you know why people? i think i can't be as beyoncé for god's sake dammit! beyoncé's hair is long and as far as i can remember i have never seen her with short hair.

some of you people know that i have just cut my hair early this year. so what if i say that maybe i can just be like halle berry instead weee~

halle berry

pics (top to bottom, left to right) from here, here, here, here, here and here.

as you could see from some of the sample pics above, halle berry has been appeared in so many hairstyles, like me(?) *glurp* especially the centre pic, its really so like me, and also those with ponytails i.e. top left and right, and bottom right except the boobs! ya... one thing for sure... i am petite, meaning that my sizes are mainly small. believe it or not for some people i bump in public thought that i am still in school hah!

so what say you people?