Thursday, March 19, 2009

"i'm a musicon celebrity thanks to maxis broadband"

have you ever been stopped by a stranger on the street who asked you 'hey, aren't you that actor in that movie about...?' have you ever wondered if you look like a particular celebrity? well, now is your chance to find out!

you can use 'MyHeritage' to automatically determine which celebrities look most similar to the person in a photo that you submit. it does this by using advanced facial recognition technology.

it seems i look most like either beyoncé knowles (83%), vanessa marcil (80%), kristin davis (75%), toni braxton (74%), peta wilson (73%), ciara (72%), camilla belle (71%) and last but not least siti nurhaliza (71%) hah! —

MyHeritage: Family TreeGenealogyCeleb

and i adore the idea of my musician celebrity look-alike as beyoncé, that's so right to go along with the theme for nuffnang music bash 2009! but there's only one thing to come up as beyoncé... i have cut my hair short early this year hmm... well i guess that won't be a problem for me as i shall put a trick to my hair something like this


what say you people?

and for being like one, i shall also zoom in to maison, jalan yap ah shak, kl in my own ferrari(?) —


owh how i wish ya... life would be so good as such. what when i would be greeted along the red carpet just like a truth celebrity. people started asking for picture takings here and there, autograph signing and what's not plus many more...

let's see whether i will get a pair of invite for the above event, so that i will turn myself to a beyoncé look-alike! besides that they are quite a number of prizes up for grabs i.e. Nokia XpressMusic 5800, iPod touch, sony ps3, zara voucher(s) and many more...

at the meantime people let's enjoy this lovely song—