Thursday, March 26, 2009

'copy & paste' fb status(?)...

i was happily awoke as usual in the morning, still in my room, i first checked stuff on my dell. i clicked my fb' news feed when i saw this from someone on my list—


then i was like walaweiii!!!... that's sooooo me. suddenly the smart me remembered that, "heyyy... i wrote that last night before i went to bed"—


i really dunno of what to say here. i doubt that its a co-incidence thingy. as far as i could remember he's actually the one who requested me to be on his friend's list on fb although i can't figure out of who he was. i found out that he knows one of my (young) uncles. so probably he saw my uncle and i interacted in fb blerk!...

p/s people on fb dunno that i blog except puteri, kay and most bloggers i know like tim, robb, johnny ong and marcus and also some others. in fact, this revolves real people in my whole life. you could see of what i meant here. and the main point i started to blog was that i could still write my journal online without the worries of people reading my written journal instead.

so what say you people?