Monday, March 30, 2009

the morning i put on the wrong footwear...

it was only after megat got down from the car, i realized that something was not right. what's more when i wanted to move my right foot from the break to oil paddle hmm... no wonder ler... cuz i felt that both my feet were so light waakakakaaaaa... so i quickly drove back home to change my shoes from this—


to this—


grr... what's wrong with me this morning huh?!! well unless it would be a good sign then it should be ok for me hehee... :D

for those who dunno, i normally go for my physical exercises i.e. morning walk and line dance, after i send the kids to school. i believe that we don't have to come up with a big sum to exercise at the gym or something. sometimes their fees are too much! do correct me if i am wrong.

you people can just go for walking/strolling will do. for the timing, it depends on the individual. for me, i prefer to go in the morning for the cool fresh air. read on about the benefits of walking here.