Sunday, March 08, 2009

the day we celebrated boo's birthday...

i just had a nice warm shower lathered with the body shop's quiet night soothing shower cream; ahh!!!... so blissful. for sure i'll sleep like a sleeping beauty tonight... hah!

by the way, i had just arrived home from ipoh a while ago to celebrate my lil' cousin boo's 3rd birthday—

boo's 3rd birthday

how time flies so damn fast huh?!!... it was like only recently we saw boo's baby pic here in this blog. and now... look at how cute and beautiful of her, just like her mommy! and on last 30th january, oyeen had another lil' girl joined them, sara jasmine.

we had a wonderful time at the party although its just a small and simple one, which was held at oyeen's family place. it was fantastic! all of the kids and adults alike had a blast. it was super fun. boo loves to see her cousins, so she was ecstatic, as well! :o)

i love to go to birthday parties. this is a wonderful opportunity to meet family and friends that we seldom meet.