Thursday, March 12, 2009

the importance of PTA

i was at puteri's school (also my school) earlier for its PTA's annual general meeting (AGM). guess what i have been selected as one of the committee members (again?) for the financial year of 2009/10.

it seems as if this year is just zipping by and for many of you parents, i am sure it is time to form your nominating committee at your child's school as well. i hope that the respond won't be as bad as here. i have stressed out the same thing last year. most people don't bother about this important day at all. i do not know of why is it so hard for them to at least take 1/2 day leave just for this occasion. its actually for the benefits of our own child.

as each new school year begins, new goals are set by all. for school-age children, the goal is to work hard and become better students. for us parents, the goal is to love and support our children so they can become good students now and good citizens tomorrow. we accomplish our goals through daily actions and by being involved in our school. if a student is to get the most out of their school years and build a solid foundation for their life, the student's parent or parents must be involved in some manner. for this solutions PTA offers many ways in which parents can help the school and their student reach goals.

PTA is an organization made up of all parents and teachers of a school. by enrolling your children in school, parents automatically become members of the PTA.

the PTA’s main objective is to enhance the educational environment and learning experience for our children. the PTA supposed to supports the whole school community through the following: coordinating volunteers for activities that support school programmes, organising social activities, setting up support/communication networks, and raising funds to finance PTA activities that support school development. you can be involved in the PTA in many ways.

you may be asking, “why should i join the PTA?”

• you will be able to stay connected with your child’s school.
• the opportunities to meet new parents and share your ideas, concerns, and experiences.
• the opportunity to volunteer and/or joining a committee to help with school events.
• offering ideas on how to improve your child’s school.
• participation in fund raising events that will help purchase needed educational materials.
• be a role model for your child. you are showing your child the importance you place on education.
• the membership fee will be used to contribute to school funds.

remember, with your help via PTA the school can make a better learning environment for your children.

the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.