Monday, March 09, 2009

the sleeping beauty it is...

i was right about the 'sleeping beauty' thingy, that i really slept like one... believe it or not i had just awoke hence i won't go for my morning walks, as its kinda late already! wtf :P blame it on the body shop's quiet night soothing shower cream... hah! i guess it's true. so it didn't happened once like this, but many times before too. now you know that if i wanna pamper myself DIY way, that's one of the product i used.

i had a really nice and warm shower last night, lathered myself with the product... lovely! i felt so good... even i was already dz when i was typing my last blog post for yesterday... and i doze off there and then with my dell next to me right after i published it! *glurp*