Monday, March 02, 2009

the history of 'egg steak' at yut loy...

my two aunties and a cousin from kl came over earlier in the afternoon. they were craving for yut loy's. so all of us headed there after i fetched puteri from school. well i dunno of how many times i went there myself this few days. megat and i had 'roti kahwin' for breakfast on saturday after our walks. a day before that, a foreign friend dropped over on his way back to kl from penang. and ya... our hang-out place for lunch was none other than... yut loy! ivo really love the place than those high-class one. according to him, yut loy's the right place to wind down, surrounded with friendly kuale people weee...

i know i know... i have been blogging about yut loy like sooooo many times. but here's something that i think i don't see this anywhere else—

egg steak

egg steak!!!

so have you people heard or tried egg steak before? i had that during lunch today. normally i will ask for buttered toast of traditional bread, to be dipped in to the steak's gravy and voila! its very nice i tell you... i like!

initially yut loy's started to serve egg steak as per budak koleq's request wayyyyy back during the old days. i was told that they can't afford to pay for beef steak then. so someone was asking ah meng whether he can cook for them beef steak' gravy but to substitute the beef with eggs instead. what a good idea huh?!! then the price was very affordable to them... hah! i dunno how much was the cost then, now is RM7.