Tuesday, October 14, 2008

of why i love staying in kuale so much...

this is one of the reasons of why i love staying in my hometown so much apart of there's no bad traffic jam compared to the city—

yut loy's roti kahwin & kopi 'o' peng

ya i know... i know... i have posted so many pics of roti kahwin and kopi 'o' peng here in my blog already. go here to know more about roti kahwin. its best eaten when its still hot hmm... yummyyyyy...

i was there last thursday with megat around 4+ pm, while waiting for puteri whose at her math's tuition and my mother whose renewing dad's HD road tax at the post office. the queue was damn long so we decided to wait at yut loy instead ;) besides that was the first time we went there since raya. just imagine, how would you feel if you can't have something that you like especially food for more than 30 days. the shop closed at 6pm the latest. we didn't tapau (take-out) any cuz like i said earlier, not just for roti kahwin but almost all the food there are good to be eaten while they are hot.

so... eventually (believe it or not) both megat and i ate 5 sets (2 pieces of bread per set) of roti kahwin (RM8.00) and we drank iced milo (RM1.80) and kopi 'o' peng (RM1.20) respectively; that make up a total of RM11.00 .

as you could see, yut loy's customer are from many races not just chinese. even when we were there, the restaurant was mostly full of malays and indians. the restaurant's most hit is the 'pau'. that's what i saw most of the other customers ate that time.

now make sure you drop-by yut loy (or 'ah lok' as known by the locals) when you are in town!

kuE's note:
this post doesn't mean that i don't miss kl life ya... especially my old job in the hospitality industry warggghhhhh!!!... but to tell you the truth here is more relax :)

disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are entirely based on my personal taste buds and may vary for others. the reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.