Monday, October 06, 2008

an email from Josie

the damn CPU got blown off, thus i was not be able to go online over the weekend. that means there are quite a number of pictures to be told in my next blog post. so make sure you watch out this space for more post soon ya... i was lucky enough that they can fix the CPU by today itself. i guess if not because i called them first this morning, i don’t know whether they shall take their own sweet time again like before. at the meantime, i was kind of surprised when i saw an email titled “Mrs. N C Partridge”, as soon as i open my inbox. i quickly clicked that one first before any other. Josie, Mrs. Partridge’s daughter who’s living in australia was kind enough to write to me. she thanked me for the thoughts i wrote about her late mother. i ought that she found my blog while browsing online. thank you so much Josie for your feedback. i really didn’t expect that you would read it—

Mrs N C Partridge‏
From: eckselke

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Sent: Saturday, 4 Oct, 2008 1: 38 PM

I was quite touched to read what you had written about the news of my mother. Both my parents were dedicated teachers, and my mother always made sure she delivered, as headmistress, the very best for the girls to receive an all rounded education in Kuala Kangsar. Her greatest joy was when she met old girls, and as you described, she would bump into them almost anywhere in Malaysia and even overseas.

My mother would then love to share her latest interests, and as you mentioned, the test for a gemstone works all the time. Water will normally run off coloured glass. I am not so sure about the relief for migraine though – the tip we know is to press firmly the fleshy area between the thumb and index finger.

My parents were not selected by parents of newborn to be godparents, within a baptism ceremony. But later on, parents of single adults in particular would affectionately ask. Kuppamah however was special in that my mother saw a need to provide a home for her, and that is exactly what happened. Kuppamah stayed with us until she left our home to train as a nurse in KL. She eventually graduated with a group of her GEGS friends. There was no doubt that she could secure a job as a registered nurse, and she went on to raise her own family - all of whom are successful in their own career paths, and she is now a grandmother herself.

It was sad and difficult for us to have to face this part of my mother’s journey in life, particularly as we are a small family. However, it was a long life filled with great accomplishments and undeniable love not only for family but also for relatives, friends, colleagues…. and her schoolgirls. In each and every growing girl, she saw an educated woman using her talents in a unique way and finding joy and happiness in life.

I thank you for your thoughts put to words, and wish you well.