Friday, October 03, 2008

telekom' hari raya tv ads 2008

i suggest, you grab a tissue first before you start watching it...

well at first i don't even thought of placing the above video here in my blog. but when my lil' bro asked me this afternoon, "chor, miké ada tengok iklan raya telekom (translation: chor (big sis), did you watch telekom' raya ads)?"; then i was like— this must be because he was the sound man, if not for sure he won't ask. he had just arrived alone this afternoon. since his wife has just started work with a new company, so she has to work today. sheryl dear, fyi shafinaz is with the same company with you now, but she's based in hq :)

so i asked lil' bro, "kenapa... miké buat ke (why... did you do it)?".

"ha ah...", he replied. i knew it! see... its always like that where we only know about his work after its completed hehe...

so basically i placed this ad here for me to remember that its part of my lil' bro's work. good job bro!... you really make us proud :)

kuE's note:
miké is you in perak slang ;)