Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i like to move it, move it...

i am sure some of you people must have been wondering of what's up with the "i like to move it, move it with madagascar 2!" marquee up there since last night. its a non-standard HTML markup element type which causes text to scroll up, down, left or right. well its all because of nuffnang whose giving away more premiere movie screening. i came out with that quick and simple idea with an instant. i was just trying my luck though. i thought of bringing megat.

madagascar: escape 2 africa is the sequel from madagascar. i remember that i went to watch it (madagascar) with megat. but i didn't write the review last time ler plak... blerk! well here's something than nothing of what i can remember—

“there are all sorts of things working against this film. the most notable is the fact that a certain standard has been set by "finding nemo" and "shrek" and if it isn't one of those films, the critics jump all over it like paparazzi on a starlet accidentally flashing some nipple.

the movie centers on four central park zoo animals who accidentally leave their comfortable confines and find themselves in madagascar where an egotistic lemur seems to rule. however, it should be about the penguins who set everything into motion. the penguins are clearly the most interesting characters in the film. everyone wants more penguins. unfortunately, penguins are not much fun to animate, i'd guess, so we get to follow around four considerably more boring characters: alex the lion, marty the zebra, melman the giraffe and gloria the hippo.

the penguins set everything in motion by tunneling out of the zoo and giving marty the idea that the wild would be an interesting place to be. marty escapes with a plan to get to grand Central station and head for connecticut. the rest of the characters escape too, hoping to get marty back, but they're captured. this prompts the humans to put them all on a boat to africa, but their boxes fall off the ship and they all end up in madagascar.

ironically, it's when the story gets to madagascar that the movie stalls badly. the primary story element concerns alex's starvation and his increasing interest in taking a bite out of marty's hindquarters—hardly life-affirming, metaphorical stuff. has there been a successful movie about one character wanting to put his mouth on another character's ass? like most of the animated features that people simply don't take to, "madagascar" is more about the technology behind the animation than it is about the story. it's fine to look at the pretty colors, but when the story doesn't work, the movie is a failure.

there you go ya... its better late than never *glurp*

now we shall wait and see for the part two of the movie...


talking about “move it!”, as you could see one of the main reasons that i captured the screenshot of my blog is because of my new blog lay out. chantek kan? as far as i could remember, i had used the previous blog design for almost two years or so. meaning my blog also got to move it ya... what when i got it done with the help from jess of delicious design studio, about last two days of ramadhan just in time for raya hehee... according to KNizam, this is the seasons of blogs/web sites changing lay-out (?).

in fact i am in the mid of getting my blog to make another move very soon wohoo!!!... sorry ler i won't give you people any hint. let it just be a surprise! :~)