Wednesday, October 08, 2008

misunderstanding is nothing but way to better understanding

understanding is the baseline of friendship. friendship which stands on the foundation of understanding is difficult to collapse.

two friends interwoven in friendship hardly misunderstand each other. i used the word "hardly" because "never" would be an exaggeration. a time does come when misunderstanding crops up, but friends never let the wild grass grow and ruin their so-carefully cultivated garden of friendship. this is the sign and identity of lifelong friendship. a misunderstanding can never stand long in friendship.

in friendship. it so happens that one tends to accept the other as he/she is, with the shortcomings. even if two friends have different view about a particular topic, they tend to listen to and adjust with other's view point, thus leaving no place for any sort of misunderstanding.

sometimes misunderstanding helps the friends to come closer. thus...

misunderstanding! when it comes and when it goes is hardly noticed! though it's a transient phase, it may be sometimes more painful than lifetime pain. this pain makes two friends realize the importance of the other in their life. that's why i say, "misunderstanding helps friends to come closer!". correct kay? ;)

you may be friends for a long time but you never realize the importance of your friend in your life unless a misunderstanding crops up. take for instance two friends who know each other for quite a long time. they share their feelings, love etc. by some means, a misunderstanding crop up and the two friends lose contact, they do not call up each other, do not talk to each other or do not see each other. this transient phase of misunderstanding is heart-felt. during this phase, they miss each other and run for patch up. it's during this transient phase, that lots of things, facts develop.

in short, a better understanding develops out of misunderstanding.

when friends have, amongst themselves, any kind of misunderstanding they cannot concentrate in their work, not even routine work. they tend to get irritated on any small topic. it seems as if something is biting their heart, unknowingly tears accumulate in the eyes and these tears clear all the dirt, the misunderstanding is solved.

two friends who come out of misunderstanding resemble the gold, which comes out of fire. 'that' gold is more shining and more pure, as impurities die off in fire.

thus, misunderstanding is nothing but way to better understanding.

"friends, successfully coming out of misunderstanding, hand in hand are replaceable and more true in friendship."

"no mind can ever think of any idea to break their friendship. because of friendly misunderstanding, friends come close to each other, know each other well enough which prevents the recurrence."