Thursday, February 12, 2009

of making it short!

when i first saw my aunt mazian, as she arrived at TCB&TL in kl sentral last monday, i thought that her new appearance was really good and most importantly she even looks much younger than her age in one glance. while she was surprised too to see me who had cut my hair short as well. she complimented me for the new look, and that she knew that people would be surprised to know of my real age hehee...

well eventually like i mentioned here, i decided to cut my hair in december last year after thinking about it for quite some time. it has been about 2+ years since i last cut my hair then. so i thought to have some changes to it. i bumped in to rizal end of last year. he totally agreed when i asked for his opinion. besides that, he was the one who suggested me to re-colour my hair to my original colour. thanks to him that i feel more wonderful with this new hairstyle for 2009.

in fact i saw pinky at the recent nuffnang premiere screening of punisher: war zone, who eventually just got her haircut short also. you look gorgeous girl! i tell you what... even nicholas can't really recognize me. its because of my new hair i think. he told me that he thought of met me somewhere before but he can't seems to remember. wa lau ley... he was the one who handed me my RM100 mph voucher prize at nuffnang friso family day out! my hair was still long that time hehee...

from my research on this topic, the best part of a hairstyle 2009 is that it fits into the lifestyle of a modern stylish man and woman. as people nowadays does not have enough time to spare to style up their hot hairstyles for 2009 would be the best option. hairstyle for 2009 is very simple styles and most celebrities today go for it. one of these is the cute and stunning pixie haircut. the pixie cut is for those who want to focus on their face and features and gives a sweet girlie effect.

try out some hottest hairstyles of 2009 like bob with brow length bangs. the basics are that most of these hairstyles are inspired from celebrity’s hairstyles. so go ahead and experiment with the hairstyles for 2009. if you have longer hair and you do not want to go for a major hairstyle change, then go for the all time favorite ponytail hairstyle. this hairstyle is easy, casual and elegant at the same time.

one of the top trends of 2009 hairstyles is the razor cut bob where the hair drops to the shoulders. side parts and zigzag effects compliment this hairstyle. enhance it further with glittery hair picks and beaded accessories.

the vintage retro curls is one of those 2009 hairstyle that is making the rounds, so is the bed head that is quite suitable for thinner faces. for covering the face, the medium shag is the best bet. if you prefer the layered cut then you can either choose the choppy and defined cut or the multi-layer cut.

the 2009 hairstyle guide include the blunt bangs hairstyle that is just perfect for round and square faces. it gives your high cheekbones that toned down look. feel modern and sophisticated with this hairstyle.

the short shag from hairstyle 2009 would be fine for women who want to look amazing. this hairstyle works with most hair types and styling is easy too. the wavy shag hairstyle is also one of the hottest hairstyles of 2009 for women with curly hair. it gives you a sexy look provided your hair is not too thin.

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