Sunday, February 22, 2009

SeaWorld Manta Mania 3 Contest!

Would you like to go to SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida? Check this out! This is your chance to win an exciting trip to SeaWorld and join the Manta Mania 3*. There are three methods for you to enter the contest and these are discussed in detail by Ted Murphy. So better check out his site the soonest that you can.

By the way, the winner will get airfare, hotel accommodations and two full days at the park and priority access to ride Manta Mania 3.

Good luck!

*Manta Mania 3, a new roller coaster at SeaWorld, is simply amazing. It combines an unique cave-like aquarium and flying roller coaster into one awesome experience like nothing else on the planet. It has the state-of-the art technology and the giddy exciting feeling of once-in-a-lifetime ride experience. You ride laying down, attached to belly of a giant Manta, creating the sensation of flight. It was so cool to hear directly from the people that conceptualized and managed this massive project. You could tell that they are genuinely excited to share their creation with the public. I never realized how much goes into building an attraction like this; it makes me appreciate Manta that much more.

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