Friday, February 13, 2009

the day my hair getting more shorter! *glurp*

"ma... you cut your hair again?", megat asked, when i was there at his school to deliver his lunch.

i think it was just yesterday that i wrote about
my new hair for 2009, and look what i have done to it this morning—

my new look!

to tell you the truth i guess i got all excited for a more shorter hair after i met my aunt mazian last tuesday, not forgetting pinky as well at nuffnang premiere screening punisher: war zone.

it happened this morning, after i met puteri during her recess time to hand over something that she forgot to bring to school. while i was driving down the bukit residen (resident's hill), suddenly i thought to myself of what if i cut my hair more shorter than the previous one, just like aunt mazian and pinky. so i turned to the 9 o'clock turning at the jam besor (big clock tower) roundabout instead of just going straight back home. then i headed to the saloon... voila!

if you are my blog readers, i am sure you could see the transformations of my hair from this, this and finally... this one ;)