Wednesday, February 11, 2009

nuffnang premiere screening, punisher: war zone

first of all, thank you so much to nuffnang that i managed to secure a pair of tickets to nuffnang premiere screening of punisher: war zone. i was one of the lucky 50 nuffnangers who won this by writing a slogan “If I’m the punisher, I’ll punish… those people who damaged Gaza!” hehee... simple as that, huh?!!

so like before, i didn't just go to kl for the premiere screening. of course i got some other errands to do, so i did everything all together in one shot hence my one night kl trip this time was truly packed with quite a number of agendas. what a co-incidence that rizal was there too for work matters. so i took the chance to invite him along.

dang wangi policce station

we were from the city. we had to drop by any of the stations along our way, cuz he has to do some work reports. since its gonna take a while, i just waited in the car. besides it was raining outside. the weather was rather good when we were reaching damansara area. earlier when rizal asked me of "how many tolls", i thought he was asking of how much is the toll charges. when were about to reach the toll near phileo damansara, i told him that the toll is about RM1. so tell me whether i was 'jakun' or not, when i saw him showed a receipt to the cashier. then i thought to myself, "oh no wonder ler... probably earlier he wanna prepare the receipts to get free tolls heheee..." but of course i didn't ask him, cuz i was acting to be smart lol...

and there's another incident at the cineleisure's car park when we reached there around 8.30 pm— rizal thought of just leaving his small bag in the car boot and asked me whether was it safe for him to leave it there. when asked, he told me that the contents were guns.

then i was like... "wheyyy... you better bring that with you ler!" *phew*

and walking with him especially when i knew that he carried guns, really make my heart beats faster like hell! i tell you...

so we went straight to the outpost cafe near the cineleisure to get the tickets. i saw quite a number of bloggers there. unfortunately i do not think i knew any of them. i was told by robb that bloggers were entitled to get 50% off on drinks there. i went back to rizal, who waited for me outside the cafe. he suggested that we went for dinner somewhere. we walked to little penang kafe at the curve. rizal ate char koay teow. while i had assam laksa, but rizal wallup it all since i can't finish it hmm... that just reminds me of our good 'ol days together weee... sorry guys... but being with an 'undercover' that night, i guess that he just ought to keep himself in disguise :) but he's already in his casual appearance... i dunno... we bumped in to timothy after dinner though, right in front of the little penang kafe.

anyhow i did snap some pics when we went back to the outpost cafe, but not as many as usual. rizal waited for me somewhere outside (again).

nuffnang premiere screening, punisher: war zone

here's me with robb, taken by pinky

nuffnang premiere screening, punisher: war zone

and pinky with me, taken by robb ;)

nuffnang premiere screening, punisher: war zone

there were two SDU to secure the surrounded area from the punisher
p/s my friend rizal carried real guns that night you know? ;)

the punisher: war zone picks up 6 years into the punisher storyline. frank Castle (ray stevenson), a.k.a. the punisher, continues to enforce his vigilante style of justice on mobster families in order to get the bad guys that always find a way to beat the system. during an attack on a mob party, the punisher unknowingly murders an undercover fbi informant and later in the same attack, he severley disfigures the face of one of the leading mafia gangsters - billy "the beaut" russoti. this facial mutilation leads the gangster to proclaim his new villain name, jigsaw. these two events set up the plot of the film as the punisher learns of his wrongful kill and his ensuing remorse leads him to want to leave the punishing business, but he can't because the monstrous looking mobster jigsaw is alive and seeks revenge on the fbi informant's wife and child and revenge on the punisher for being the cause of his disfigurement. predictably, the dead fbi informant's wife and child get kidnapped by jigsaw and in order to save them a huge war-like battle ensues between the punisher and jigsaw's army of mobsters, gang-bangers, and thugs.

this film falls under the marvel knights brand which is basically the grittier and darker division of marvel comics. marvel knights products are intended for a maturer 15 years or older audience so that the stories and characters may be re-envisioned without the limitations on explicit content that are in place with the regular marvel brand. the punisher: war zone definitely exercised pulp style violence and gore to the point of gratuitousness. perhaps the excessive and gratuitous violence will create box office interest because overall the story was predictable, the script and acting was painful at times, and the film was 20 minutes too long. i would recommend this film if you are in the mood for a mindless shoot 'em up massacre, otherwise wait for the dvd so that you have the options of fast forward or doing something else while you watch it.

punisher: war zone official site

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