Monday, February 02, 2009

the death of A Fairos Ahmad Sulaiman

the death of A Fairos Ahmad Sulaiman, 37, from kampung temong hilir enggor, really saddened many people. it was so tragic. you can read more about it here as i do not have the guts to type it.

when i first knew it from one of uncle hashim's daughter' fb page, tears dropped from my eyes. although i was not very sure of who she (late Fairos) was, the news really makes me sad. i am sad of the way she passed away. ranong police only found the deceased after about a year she died. and the way she died is too hard to be accepted :(

so when i received a sms from my cousin juju (wan sayang's son) this morning, asking whether i have read the news about, "kawan kite FEROZ SULAIMAN mati dibunuh di Thailand!", that make me shocked! juju said 'kawan kite'. so i was trying hard to recall of who actually the friend of ours, while preparing for my kids' breakfast. my mind went hay-wire, what when thinking it was the most worst way of death argghhh!!!... it was so hard for me. suddenly i thought of kak feroz/fairuz(?) who was one of the pioneers at a local fast food restaurant here in kuale, together with us, including juju and i; about 20 years ago. kak feroz was working as a cashier. she was very helpful. she would helped her other colleagues if she was not busy with her work. she was a happy-go-lucky gal. i guess our team was the best of all. we worked happily together, with the rest like abang sham, hairi (rizal's big bro, now a teacher in ipoh), abang sani (now a chef if i'm not mistaken), kak lah, ramesh and also kay, to name a few. anyhow i replied juju to reconfirm about it. unfortunately he still didn't reply me yet to-date. he must be working or something now, that he's busy. i also sms rizal immediately and asked him to inquire more about this with his bro hairi and kak lah (rizal has their contacts).

gosh! i feel that my body is sooooo damn cold right now, thinking about this. maybe i shall update more on this when i received any news from any of the above people i know *peace*

  • 10:17am; kay sms me just now. she asked whether i knew about kak fairoz's death. ya allah... that means she was really the kak fairoz i knew.
  • 5:41pm; rizal called all the way from jb, to reconfirm that deceased was the same kak fairoz that we knew :(

to kak fairoz,
may the blessings of love be upon you,
may its peace abide with you,
may its essence illuminate your heart,
now and forever more,
blessing... amin.