Tuesday, February 17, 2009

of raising a teenage girl

i dropped off puteri at yut loy at 4 pm yesterday, to meet her boy friend aman a budak koleq, the same guy that went jalan-jalan with her and megat on the new year's eve. eventually aman and puteri are just friends, nothing serious. they fetched megat (the school is located just a few steps away from yut loy) at 5 pm then went back to yut loy while waited for me to come over.

it's not true if i say that i am not worried of puteri knowing or going out with boys. teenage girls all want freedom. having once been a teenage girl and now having my own teenage daughter, i can honestly say that nothing could be more true. i can also proudly say that my teenage daughter consider me their best friend and i am touched with such an honor. teenage daughters want privacy and life without restrictions. we as parents must be able to reason with them. no i am not saying give them what they want. just enough to let them understand we are listening. i believe that teenage girls should have male phone calls at 14 years of age without the dates. at the age of 15 they should be able to go on dates as long as we drop them off and pick them up. preferably the movies, bowling or skating. at age 16 they can go to parties as long as there is a parent present.

it is not easy raising a teenage daughter. young ladies have so many emotions and worries along with puberty and hormone issues. you must listen too there needs in life as well as advise them to become respectable young adults. teenage girls worry about if a boys are going to like them or if that pimple going to get any bigger. we as parents must remember that we were once teenagers as well. so we must put that into prospective when it comes to raising a teenage girl.

most teenage girls are not looking for a friend in a parent. this is the time that our attention is needed the most. we as parents need to be able to understand their mood swings. there is always a situation that needs to be resolved, and it is easily expressed by a sudden unexpected mood swing that teenage girls face. they have so many peer pressures that they face on almost a daily basis.

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